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The Sunflower Route is a 26km drive through some of the most beautiful farm lands on the Darling Downs and Southern Downs. Crops thrive in the black soil in this area and include oats, wheat, barley, sorghum and of course, sunflowers. Summer is the best time to take in the wonder and splendour of the Sunflower Route.


Once a field has started to flower, it will only be in bloom for 3-4 weeks. Depending on the season's rainfall, from late January through to March you will likely see an endless vista of giant sunflowers. Some can grow up to 30 inches in diameter!

While you're taking a closer look at the magnificent sunflower fields, keep in mind they are all grown on private property and you may NOT enter the fields. Farmers earn their living from these crops so be respectful and do not climb or damage fences or leave litter. Especially do not pick a sunflower! As tempting as it may be, they are not free, they are not planted for you to get the perfect instagram shot, they are a crop, grown by a farmer to sell. You wouldn't pluck a cow from a herd and take it home would you? #checkoutthiscowipickedtoday #BovineBouquet #JustNO


There are major bio-security risks if you enter a property, including the spreading of diseases or weeds.  There is also the risk of encountering spiders, snakes and bees, especially as it can be very hot and dry so it is important to stay safe.


Please drive slowly and make sure it is safe to exit your car once parked.

Do not park on the edge of the road or cross a highway on foot. There have been accidents caused over the last few years by people who don't respect the road rules or use common-sense. There are plenty of fields to stop and take photos of. Do not enter someone's private property.

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Southern Downs Region

Sunflowers - Allora, QLD