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July, 20 2019 - The Mary Poppins House


61 Herbert St. Allora, Queensland 4362

This heritage listed house, built in 1879, was the former home of P.L. Travers (born Helen Lyndon Goff), the author of Mary Poppins. The house originally incorporated the Australian Joint Stock Bank, where Travers Goff, Helen’s father, once worked.

Travers’ home was recreated (with the help of the architect owner of the house who collaborated with the set designer) for the movie Saving Mr Banks. Travers Goff is buried in the Allora cemetery. Guided tour of the house by appointment only.

Now owned by Les and Loraine Struthers, the Victorian-style house is Allora's strongest connection to the magic of Mary Poppins and has even sparked a brush with Hollywood in the Movie 'Saving Mr. Banks.

P.L Travers, born Helen Lyndon Goff, who would eventually write one of the world's most loved stories - Mary Poppins. The house in Allora, was once both a home and Australian Joint Stock Bank, where Travers' father once worked as the Manager in 1905. It was there that Helen’s father Travers Robert Goff died of tuberculosis at the age of 43. 


Travers spent two years in the small community of Allora, and yet her connection to the town remains strong. 

Travers Goff's 

Tours of the home can be organised by contacting Les and Lorraine.

Phone: 0428 746 458


61 Herbert St Allora Queensland 4362

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2008 - The Mary Poppins House

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July, 20 2019 -  Travers Goff's grave site, Allora Cemetery